There are over 564,000 homeless people in the U.S. And as winter is upon us, we believe warmth is a human right for all. So we created a space that recognizes the homeless as individuals rather than a statistic or a group. Providing them with warm articles of clothing — all while placing a little value back into their lives.

For The Greater Hood, is a pop-up shop that was first launched in NYC from 12/14/17 - 12/18/17 by Six+One and Hoodies for the Homeless. It was essential for us to create an atmosphere of belonging and community where people could spend time shopping and enjoy the experience rather than get a quick hand out.


Let’s be more committed to giving than gaining.


Invitations were sent to shelters throughout NYC in the form of gift cards. Our guests used the gift cards at our store to receive three items of clothing such as hoodies, jackets, gloves, scarves, brand-new sneakers, as well as books for kids.

In addition, customers were able to get haircuts, enjoy music, art, and spend as much time at the shop as they liked. At the end of the weekend over 3,000 hoodies, 300 pairs of new kicks, and thousands of scarves and gloves were given away, providing warmth and comfort to fellow New Yorkers in need.

The overwhelming response and success of the first shop has allowed the team to continue to grow the initiative – placing value into each individual that walks through the doors of every “For The Greater Hood” Pop Up Shop to come.